About Us

I have loved rosehips ever since I was a child. My grandmother and I would pick them off her wild multiflora rose bushes, and eat them for their vitamin content and to keep autumnal colds away. Later, I used rosehip oil to treat a bad product reaction, and rubbed it on my belly when I was pregnant with my son. It has always helped to clear and even my skin. As a busy mom, I had less and less time to use my multi-step skincare routine. I searched for the perfect product to meet all of my needs in one step, and when I came up short, I decided to create my own.
Multiflora was born from the desire to reap the multiple benefits of rosehip oil, while also providing skin type specific actives for supercharged products that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

All of the formulas are blended using the highest quality organic supercritical rosehip oil. Our ingredients and process are held to strict safety standards, and we ship them straight to you for fresh, potent skincare that is crafted as a labor of love. Having a small studio operation allows me to carefully choose each ingredient and never settle by adding fillers or artificial fragrances. 

I hope you and your skin love our products as much as we do. 

Please reach out to me directly with any questions at Darien@multifloraskincare.com